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This is Walk, talk and eat. Health Coach Cecilia Swensson. In my business I work with several different services where the common nominators are wellbeing, progress, learning and healthy lifestyle. My passion has always been to work with people to support them to feel good about them selves.

Whether it’s Skiing, Trekking, Yoga, Health coaching or Massage therapy my approach is always to create a service that is individualized and adjusted to every clients unique needs, situation and goals. I find that the energy and sense of wellbeing we can draw from physical activity and outdoor time is a fantastic potential for healthy living, where ever we live.

Today a mix Skiing, Trekking, Yoga, Massage therapy, Health Workshops, Retreats and Health coaching in my business. I work with clients in the mountains where I live and in places to where I take groups for skiing, trekking and yoga. Through Skype I coach people where ever they are.

My Training
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
I became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the New York-based Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, coaching metods with some of the worlds top health and wellness experts.

My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, preventive health and practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on these skills and my knowledge of different dietary theories, I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results through a costume made  plan according to each clients unique body, lifestyle, preferences and goals.

Yoga classes
At Nordiska Yoga institutet (the Nordic institute of Yoga ) in Stockholm I became a Certified Yoga teacher (RYT 200) 2010. Since then I have taken several additional courses and I run 3 weekly classes in Val de Bagnes. Yoga is also an important part of my Trekking trips.

Trekking and Skiing.
I am a Certified Swedish and Swiss Ski Instructor with the International Diploma, ISIA. I have completed mountain rescue training in Sweden and Avalanche course with the Brittish Mountain Guide association. I am a trained Trekking guide after 2 years of full time studies at a mountain tourism school in Kiruna, Northen Sweden 1990. I am a member of the Swiss ski school in Verbier, Switzerland.

Massage therapy
I became a certified Massage therapist at Axelsons gymnastiska institut, Stockholm, 2009 and have over 800 hours of training in different therapeutical techniques as well as anatomy. In Switzerland, I am accredited by ASCA, which makes my treatments covered by several Swiss health insurances. In 2015 I attended a course in Thai Yoga Massage at Sun shine house, Greece.

My story
Since 2004 I live in the Swiss mountains close to the ski resort Verbier with my husband and two daughters. Prior to this I grew up outside Stockholm, Sweden, lived 10 years above the Artic Circle in Kiruna, Riksgränsen (Sweden) and also a few winters in La Grave (French Alpes). As long as I can remember, I have always loved the mountains and the outdoors.

Growing up, I was very tall at a young age. I was 1.81 cm tall at age 13 and I was struggling with body image issues. I was a competitive swimmer and when I finished my swimming career I ended up with a light version of eating disorder. I gained weight when not exercising as much and having too much daily free time. I started to explore different strict diets and, in between the diets, indulge in the things that were restricted on the diets. I was not feeling happy with myself and my body.

By the time I got to my twenties, I decided that I would do no more restrictive diets and instead focus more on healthy choices of food and exercise to feel good about myself. I moved to the mountains and started my training in Mountain tourism. My passion for health and the balance between fun exercise and nurturing food has since then been a big part of my daily life.

I find that in different periods of my life, my way of finding balance in body and mind demands different approaches and ingredients. The one thing that has been important along the way is to create an awareness about and to be conscious of cause and effect in the body and mind. If we can learn more about ourselves and how different things affect us, its easier to make adjustments in our daily routines so that we can stay healthy, full of energy and happy when life changes.

Today I am all about adding good healthy stuff to my everyday routine and with that focus also decrease the things that doesn’t affect me in a strengthening way. I have found that outdoor time is a great tool to add to our health equation. I spend a lot of my time working with people outdoor in the mountains and what I learnt is that most of us feel good when we are outside doing some kind of physical activity with our bodies.

Are you curious about how health coaching can help you? Let’s talk. Schedule a free initial consultation with me today.

I live in the beautiful Swiss Alpes and work with my coaching on Skype and Facetime as well as in person for those of my clients who live near by. I do treks, events  and workshops  around home and in different parts of Europe.

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