About the health coach program

”My goals were to structure my daily life and set some long-term goals for my career and life. Cecilia was extremely professional. She listened carefully and helped me to structure my daily tasks as well as assisting me in setting some long-term goals. She is very knowledgable and did not only take my professional life in consideration but also my personal life and health. She is fun, straight forward and has a million good ideas that helped me to see my potential. Thanks to Cecilia I achieved my goals and I have now got a much better understanding and structure of my time and life.”

Cilla  - Verbier

About the health coach program

”My Goals were to develop mindful eating habits, to balance sugar cravings and cultivate inner joy and contentment in my life. Cecilia has been helping me make many breakthroughs, the most impactful being her help to shift my mindset from that of a victim mentality to one of an empowered, proactive mentality where I felt inspired and motivated to take control of my own happiness.

Cecilia is  intelligent, intuitive, creative, and a person who really cares to understand where I’m coming from without passing judgment or criticism. Cecilia sees many different types of clients, but she did an incredible job making sure the support and guidance and ideas she offered were unique to me, my personality type and my needs. I felt like my program was 100% tailored and customized to fit my goals and my life situation. Thank you Cecilia for an amazing journey!

I would recommend Cecilia not only to those who are needing a kick-start and source of inspiration to take control of their health and happiness both in the kitchen and outside of the kitchen, but also those who are willing to bring energy and devotion to doing the work, acting on and embracing the many proactive, creative ideas Cecilia has for making diet and lifestyle changes stick for good.”  

Katie - Switzerland

About cooking workshops and health talks.

”Still totally inspired by your workshops! You inspired me and gave me that last kick I needed to learn and research more! Life has been great and our family seems super healthy and happy with all the changes. Of course some pasta now and then, but my research continues and I am so eager to learn! I have been using so many of your recipes! Absolutely love them! just wanted you to know! I am very interested in doing more if you are planning anything!” 

Sofia - Verbier

About cooking workshops and health talks

” Thank you so much! I will happily recommend others to do this workshop - and would love to join myself again.
Take care and a big hug to you all.”

Johanna - Sweden

About trekking yoga trips to Lofoten, Norway.

” Experiencing the midnight sun is one thing, but to hike a mountain in that light is quite another. Our epic trek to view the sea and the sun at midnight was a very special experience and like no other I can compare.

Anyway- I wanted you to know that it was a WONDERFUL long weekend. I LOVED every moment. It was a super new experience and I don’t even know where to begin to thank you both for your energy, hard work and above all, your caring attitude towards the whole trip. I both laughed, reflected on good things in my life and truly left the tricky things back in London. So - Thank-you, thank- you, THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!” 

Fiona - London

About yoga, trekking and ayur veda in the Italian Alps.

“Hi! That was a very special thing! Thank you so much for a fantastic time! It was great to do yoga first thing in the morning and then heading out in to nature, having ayurvedic consultations, beauty treatments and massages! It was an amazing athmosphere full of energy, spirituality and laughter that you and Anjali created! I won't miss it next year!”

Ilona - Switzerland
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