Cooking work shops and Group programs

Walk, talk and eat offers Group programs on different health topics. It could be Cooking work shops, Treks and Retreats with a specific health focus or Jumpstart 28 days group coaching towards healthier, every day habits.

With the group setting, I have found that an extra value and help with your work towards change is added when you share both experiences and accountability with others. In my different Group programs you will be part of a small group that connects around a specific theme, learn new valuable information, try tools and share each others experiences as well as helping one another to hold everyone accountable for the work set out to do.

Cooking works shops

I run cooking work shops in Val de Bagnes that includes meal inspiration and cooking as well as health talks on specific topics. In a group-setting we discuss, share, cook and eat to enhance our knowledge of healthy, tasty food.

A great way to get valuable knowledge on healthy food and cooking, inspiration for the kitchen and the value of sharing experiences with others.

Trips and retreats with a specific health topic.

These are trips organized as a combination of activities, health information, cooking and sharing on a specific health topic.
What might be included:
Health talks and cooking
Yoga and Meditation
Massage and Walks

A Yoga retreat at Resö, an island on the west coast of Sweden, May 31st-June 4th. Info here.

Group Coaching Programs

Walk, talk and eat offer group programs where you in a group work towards change and establish new daily routines towards better health. 

Group sessions on Skype or in person, including:
  • Health talks.
  • Sharing your experience, challenges and breakthroughs with the group.
  • Handouts on the specific topics.
  • Accountability and evaluation of the action steps set up between session.
  • Home cooking tips and tricks so you can whip up healthy, yummy meals at home.
  • Learn how to crowd out the bad stuff & bring in the healthy stuff.
  • Learn about new foods you’ve been curious to try and how to prepare them.
In between sessions:
  • e-mail access to me for support and questions.
  • Action plan to work on between sessions.
  • Access to private Facebook group to set your goal, ask your questions, share your food photos, keep you motivated, accountable and inspired!
  • Recipes of healthy snacks on the Go, gluten-free substitutes, top vegetarian proteins, easy to make healthy week-day meals.

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